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How to add sermons to your church website using

UPDATE: Our sister site,, now has websites for churches with the sermon player built it. Now your sermons will automatically be posted to your website’s sermons page instantly! Check it out. offers a wonderful free service to churches. They give you unlimited storage and bandwidth for your sermons, along with an awesome flash-based sermon player for your website. In this post, I’ll cover how to get your free account, how to upload a sermon, and 2 different ways to add your sermons to your church website.

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to and create your free account by filling out the short form.


Step 2: Login

Next, go to to login.

Step 3: Upload a Sermon

Now that you are logged in, click the ADD button to upload your first sermon.

On the next screen, fill out the fields for the details of your sermon.

Field #1 is the title and date. Make sure you put the date the sermon was preached. The player will automatically archive the sermons by date.

For Field #2 select “Speaker” and Add New. Then type in the name of the speaker in the field. When you add another sermon later, the speaker’s name you just typed in will automatically be a choice for you to select, so you don’t have to type the name in every time.

For Field #3, choose a Label and fill in the blank with the content. I usually use Field #3 for the sermon series, if applicable.

For Field #4, I usually use the main Scripture reference for the sermon and put it in that field. The sermon player includes a Bible so listeners can follow along in Scripture as they listen to the sermon.

For Field #5, fill in a description and keywords. This field is very important for archiving purposes. As your sermon archive grows, people can search for a particular topic or keyword and locate the sermon easily. Now click Save.

On the next screen, the Record Details page, you have several options at the top. You can use the toggle checkboxes to show this sermon in the player, make it a podcast, and allow user comments. Each of these selections can be set to on or off.

Scroll down to the bottom of that screen to upload all the media associated with the sermon. In the first field, you can upload notes for the sermon. The system accepts many different formats including ppt, doc, pdf, txt, jpg, gif, xls, opt, rtf, htm, & html files. It will convert them into a pdf after uploading is complete. Use the second field to upload the audio file of your sermon. It will accept mp3, wav, wma, flv, ram, mp4, & m4a files. It will convert them into an mp3 file after uploading is complete. I recommend selecting 32kbps for the audio compression. It combines quality sound and a small file size. If you have a video, you can upload that, as well as artwork. The artwork will display in the iTunes store and on iPods when listening to the message.

After you have selected all your media associated with the sermon to upload, click “Begin Upload”.


Depending on the size of your audio file, it will probably take between 2 and 10 minutes to upload. After the upload finishes, the system will process the files and you are free to navigate away from the page while the processing takes place. Processing usually only takes a couple minutes.

Step 4: Two ways to add your sermon(s) to your website

METHOD #1 – Add the sermon player (includes complete archive of all sermons)
This is the easiest and best way to add your sermons to your website. You only have to do this step one time, and every sermon you upload from here on out, will automatically be archived inside the player on your website.

Navigate back to your dashboard home by clicking the “HOME” icon near the top of the page. Then click “Install Your Sermon Player”. This screen will give you a preview of what your sermon player will look like, and it will also give you several methods of installing your sermon player depending on the system on which your website was built (ie WordPress, FaceBook, MySpace, TypePad, etc). If you don’t see the icon for your particular system, use the embed code. Click copy to copy your embed code.

Now, go to your website code where you would like your sermon player to appear and paste in the code. If you are not sure how to do this, just contact me and I will help you out. Save the file and upload your webpage (html) file to your web server and you are done.

METHOD #2 – Add a Mini-Player for a particular sermon
This method involves manually adding each sermon to your website after you upload the media to your account. The result will be a very small sermon player for that particular sermon. sermon08

The first step is to click on the Archive button (has a CD icon) on the top of your account dashboard. Select the sermon for which you would like to add a mini-player, and click View next to the sermon listing. Scroll to the middle of the page and click the Audio tab if it is not already active. You will see two types of mini players: one with details and one without. I like the one with details, but the choice is yours.


Then, simply select the code for the mini player, copy it, and paste it into the code on your web page where you would like the mini player to appear. Again, if you are not sure how to get access to your website html code, contact your webmaster or contact us and we will help you.

Questions? Contact us at info {at} steeplesites(.)com.

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